Developing countries are a good sign, not without reason a Dutch saying teaches us; “stagnation is deterioration”, but unfortunately not all consequences of development are good. A lot of good things, amongst others trees, have to make way for developments like building constructions, road widenings and railway constructions.

Luckily a good solution for this environmental demolition is found; tree transplanting by tree spades!

I hear you think; easy to say for somebody making money on tree spades. Maybe you are right, making money is an important part of running a business, I can not deny we are happy with a positive result at the end of the year.

But to be fair it makes us a lot happier if we both have a positive result and if we are able to tell people our strains have been helpful to the environment as well.

Back to the developments and saving old (read healthy and sometimes even historical) trees, they really do not need to be damaged at all.

Modern tree spades / tree transplanters (or whatever you want to call it) makes it possible to digg and relocate the trees in a simple but effective way.